• There are still PLENTY of mysteries surrounding COVID-19
  • COVID-19 can attack with massive inflammation
  • CBD has been found to help with inflammation, nausea, and anxiety

As soon as the novel coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 disease popped into our daily news feeds back in the early months of 2020, everyone started clamoring for a cure, or treatment, or vaccine. Anyone and everyone from your average Joe, to local doctors, to CDC scientists, to even the President of the United States were speculating openly about what could be done. Today we will be taking a look at what effects the COVID-19 disease has on the human body and some of the benefits that CBD has been found to provide for many people.


There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease. Doctors have witnessed some odd effects depending on the patient and their history with other diseases or conditions. The variations have been wide enough to make it difficult for any one solution to treat every COVID-19 patient.

1That being said, one of the most sever points of impact in the human body is the lungs. The virus has been known to do deep and lasting damage once it has settled in a patient's lungs. This is not just due to the virus itself, but the response of the human body. Many doctors believe that the driving force of many patient's downhill trajectory is a sever overreaction of the immune system known as a "cytokine storm." Cytokines are chemical signaling molecules that help facilitate a healthy immune response. A "cytokine storm" takes place when the levels of certain cytokines exceed far beyond what’s necessary, and immune cells start attacking healthy tissues. Blood vessels can leak, blood pressure drops, clots can form, and catastrophic organ failure becomes a dangerous possibility. The real driving force behind the degradation that cytokines can induce is inflammation.*


There is nothing on this earth that CBD has been proven to entirely cure, treat, or heal. It has absolutely been studied far and wide and been found to benefit the human body is several different ways.

2CBD has been found to help with:

      • Seizures
      • Inflammation
      • Pain
      • Psychosis or Mental Disorders
      • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
      • Nausea
      • Migraine
      • Depression
      • Anxiety

There are a couple of obvious parallels in the list above. CBD has the potential to help with nausea, as well as inflammation. It's not a bad deal the it has been reported to help with anxiety either!


CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR! Nothing that we write in any of our articles should inform any definitive medical decisions on your part. Take this knowledge and consult your physician on it. The wide world of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis is only just starting to move onto the radar of your average physician. The more people ask about it the more our medical professionals will start educating themselves on the possibilities.


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