Cherry Blossom - Hybrid Hemp Flower

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Product Overview

Cherry Blossom is a pleasant, floral, Indica leaning hemp Hybrid. This is a strain for those looking to sit down for a relaxing smoke without any severely sleep inducing effects. Pop some in a pipe or roll a bit up and you will enjoy every minute of it! This one is a creeper!

Tasting Notes: Sweet, floral cherries, with hints of acai

Scents & Aroma: The CBD Hemp Flower, Cherry Blossom, is defined by its sweet, berry and floral aroma. Known to highlight foods and spark the mood at social events.


Terpene Profile:

  1. β-Myrcene (hops) = 0.9%

  2. α-Pinene/β-Pinene (pine) = 0.2%

  3. α-Bisabolol (chamomile) = 0.2%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review