• Use water soluble options in your drinks!
  • Drizzle it on!
  • Cook with it, but not too hot!

Everyone has a different routine and different desire when it comes to their CBD consumption. Some users are satisfied with popping a quick gummy, using a sublingual oil, or applying a topical cream. There are plenty of others that are trying to find ways to incorporate CBD into their existing daily routine. Cooking and adding CBD into your food can be an excellent option for making CBD more convenient!


The easiest way to start adding CBD into your food is going to be with water-soluble forms of CBD. These are so easy to just add to your coffee or other beverages throughout the day. The primary pitfall in this option is considering the kind of beverage your water-soluble was made for. Some of them only work well in hot beverages, while others are formulated to work in cold.

Another option for dipping your toes into CBD food is to merely sprinkle an oil onto some of your food like a sauce. Here at Lovely Leaf we carry a CBD oil that also contains Black Pepper and Turmeric. This goes well on many savory foods and it is EXCELLENT on pasta dishes!


Sorry! That's probably why you are here, but we needed to cover the basics first!

The most straightforward option for adding CBD to food is to simply incorporate your existing oil directly into your cooking. This is not the most economical way to do it, but it is place to start. Sublingual oils are not necessarily meant for cooking and so using your expensive tincture might end up costing more than you would like.

A great option is purchasing CBD Isolate to add into your baking. The isolate we carry here at Lovely Leaf even comes with a recipe for CBD cookies! The lower and slower heat that your baked good end up at also lowers the tendency for the CBD to lose any potency. We will talk more about that in the next section.

If you are looking to use CBD in something other than baked goods, you may want to search for a CBD infused cooking oil. This could take the form of vegetable, olive, or coconut oil and will work hand in hand with your normal cooking process. One of the best methods that people have found for incorporating this kind of oil is with a pesto or dressing.


The studies for this are really just beginning, but there is evidence to suggest that CBD will lose its potency and effectiveness at high heat. This means that you probably want to stay away from oiling your cast iron skillet with CBD olive oil! Using CBD cooking oil in something like a pan sauce or stir fry will likely lead to losing a lot of the desired effects. This is why you should focus on using CBD in things like dressings, toppings, sauces (as long as you add it to the sauce off heat).

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, you need to let people know what they are eating! If you are cooking for a group and want to incorporate CBD into a dish, please let your guests know before serving it to them. Research is still being done on what kind of interactions exist between CBD and prescription medications. You would not want to end up hurting the people you are feeding!

Here at Lovely Leaf we are always ready and willing to discuss your needs. Whether you contact us through our Facebook page, directly though the website, or pop into our shop on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, we are here to help!


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