La Creme - Disposable D8 Vape Pens

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Unbelievably realistic strain profiles! La Creme provides the kind of experience usually only found in a high-end medical pen, but at regular disposable prices. Each device contains a 1 Gram blend of Delta-8 Distillate, CBD Extract, and complex botanical terpenes. The cannabinoid blend contains over 800mg of active cannabinoids (MGs seen on the box in the image are outdated. New images to come soon.) There are nine strain options with three hybirds, three sativas, and three indicas, along with enough variation in the flavor profiles to satisfy anyone! So read the descriptions below and pick out your favorite!


OG Kush - Classic cannbis aromatics with skunky notes
Northern Lights - Earthy with a hint of pine and cream
Purple Urkle - Earth and wood with a hint of berry

Sour Diesel - Gassy, sour, herby, classic
Gelato - Sweet berry with a hint of cream
Pink Runtz - Herby with a sharp sweetness

Acapolco Gold - Herby spice with a hint of honey
Ghost Train Haze - Floral, citrusy, and sweet
Durban Poison - A unique profile of citrus and herb

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review