• REALLY tiny CBD!
  • It can dissolve in water without settling quickly.
  • Your body can more readily absorb the CBD.
  • You may or may not need it! Consult your local expert!

So you've started learning about CBD and its benefits, but now you are digging into the different forms of CBD and how they compare? Great! Water-Soluble CBD is a great way to consume your CBD, but it is not without its drawbacks. Let's start by covering what it means for CBD to be "water-soluble" and then we will discuss the use cases and delivery methods.


Simply put 'water-soluble CBD" is CBD that has been broken down into small enough particles that it can easily and evenly disperse into water without quickly settling on the top or bottom of the container. We could do an entire article on the scientific method that is used to break down the CBD (and we probably will soon) but that information wouldn't be immediately practical for someone just trying to figure out what kind of CBD they want to use.

You will find water-soluble CBD products in a couple primary forms. First of all, there are tinctures. They are similar to standard CBD Oil tinctures with one key difference. The carrier liquid for the CBD is something less hydrophobic than your usual carrier oils. Most standard tinctures you find will use something like MCT oil as the carrier for the CBD. A water-soluble will use vegetable glycerin or some other carrier that is more water friendly. The second format you will see is powder. A great example of this is Barista Blend! It is a mixture of water-soluble broad spectrum hemp extract, organic acacia fiber, and tapioca starch. As a powder it is best used in hot beverages.


There is one key benefit that people point to as the purpose of water-soluble CBD, and that is "Bioavailability." All CBD extracts are naturally hydrophobic. Seeing as our bodies are around 60% water, it is easier for us to absorb something that is water-soluble than a hydrophobic oil. This means that you will need to use less water-soluble CBD to see the same effects as you may have seen using other CBD oil products.


The drawbacks of water-soluble CBD are minimal. The primary drawback is convenience to your routine. They are best taken mixed in with a liquid such as coffee, tea, or juice. It is not the easiest thing to take on-the-go. Obviously it is much less convenient than popping a quick gummy in your mouth or using a topical roll-on.

The other drawback isn't really a drawback, but it might be a reason why you wouldn't want to shell out the extra money for a water-soluble. You might not need it. There are plenty of people that can get by with a simple topical instead of something more systemic like a water-soluble powder or tincture. Consult with someone who knows their CBD to consider what will benefit you the most. Here at Lovely Leaf we are always ready and willing to discuss your needs. Whether you contact us through our Facebook page, directly though the website, or pop into our shop on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, we are here to help!

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