White CBG - Sativa Hemp Flower

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Product Overview

Often used to treat joint pain and inflammation, CBG is a cannabinoid that can have some amazing effects. Along with its tendency toward pain management, this amazing cannabinoid is can be found to have a Sativa-like uplifting and clarifying effect. Thoough the strain is technically an Indica/Sativa Hybrid, the levels of CBG can give you a much greater Sativa effect than anything else. 

Tasting Notes: Crisp grapefruit, pine

Scents & Aroma: Give White CBG a day or two to ‘decant’, and you’ll appreciate its unique, subtle scent of sweet lemon cream and sharp diesel. Earthy finishing notes of grass and pine.


Terpene Profile:

  1. α-Bisabolol (chamomile) = 0.2%

  2. Guaiol (wood) = 0.1%

  3. α-Humulene (hops) = 0.1%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review